Welcome to the Counselor's Corner...

Hello! My name is Christi Kreigh and I am very excited to be in my fourth year as the High School Counselor for Triton Public Schools.

First thing's first... what can I do for YOU?! As the school counselor, my most basic mission is to help ensure students are academically, emotionally/mentally and vocationally ready for high school and beyond. This means I support students with their personal/social, academic, and career development, including any post-secondary planning decisions. No matter if you are a student, parent, staff or community member, please treat me as a resource. I am here for you!

High school is a very important time in a student's life. Yes that means ALL FOUR YEARS! This time sets up students for the many years that will come after high school as a contributing member of society. That may sound pretty daunting, but all it means is that your days in high school will take time, energy and hard work...but it will all be worth it! Doing well in high school will afford you the best opportunities for fulfilling all of your goals and dreams! Starting to plan as early as possible will also allow for the best range of opportunities. This does not mean that I expect every student to know exactly what job they want to do after high school, I know I didn't have it all figured out! But be open to the journey and the process that is before you and start to think seriously about life post-high school graduation.

Again, I am here to help Triton High School students to be successful. Parents, students, staff and community members, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, concerns or comments that you would like to discuss.

I look forward to getting to know all of you and to calling Triton my home too!

March 14th: Spring Conferences!

March 16th: 2nd Hour Accuplacer test for juniors wanting to take Concurrent English next year.
March 23rd: 2nd Hour Accuplacer test for juniors wanting to do PSEO next year & seniors planning to attend a 2 year college next year.
Riverland Community College rep in the Career Center 3rd Hour today! See Ms. Kreigh for a pass!

March 27th: MN State University-Mankato rep in the Career Center 5th Hour today! See Ms. Kreigh for a pass!

March 31st: End of Quarter 3
Senior Scholarship Application due to Ms. Kreigh by 3:04pm

April 19th: ACT Test Date for Juniors; Pre-ACT Test Date for Sophomores; College visit for Freshmen

May 3rd: THS Blood Drive in High School Gym 9am-2pm

May 24th: Fine Arts & Scholarship Awards Night PAC 7pm

May 31st: Senior Boards

June 4th: Graduation!

June 7th: Last day of classes

Contact: Christi Kreigh