Welcome to Senior Seminar!

Senior seminar is designed to bring together skills and knowledge accumulated over the past thirteen years of school. Each student is asked to research an area that he or she is interested in, either as a potential career or an avocation. 

Following the research (and the paper which demonstrates the knowledge), each student embarks on a project under the guidance of a mentor from the community. This project turns this “book” knowledge into “hands-on” application. 

Following the project, each student presents his or her learning to a board made up of teachers and community members. This presentation is designed to be a learning experience, not only for the student but also for the board members. 

Interspersed with this hands-on learning experience are various “life-skill” lessons which all adults need to master. These lessons include handling personal finances, investment strategies, taxes, insurance, first aid, real estate, interviewing skills, résumé writing, and computer literacy. 

Contact: Ms. Rebecca Goossens