USAT-Academic Triathlon

U.S. Academic Triathlon is a creative thinking team competition that teaches and rewards creative and divergent thought processes, cooperative brainstorming, general intellect, leadership and a "flare" for the dramatics. Five-person teams compete in three distinct events at a USAT meet. Those events are:

P.A.R.T.Y in the Box: A theatrical performance challenge

Mind Sprints: Three short-term(10 minute) creative thinking problems that may challenge students verbally,visually,spatially or kinesthetically

Face-Off: Oral and written questions comprise this academic and concrete factual recall event

Triton Middle School will be sending two 7th & 8th grade teams and one 6th grade team to each of the three ZED sponsored Round Robin Competitions this school year. Teams will be forming in late October. Practices begin in November with the first meet being held in December.

The 2015-2016 USAT meet dates and locations are as follows:

Round-Robin I: TBD

Round Robin II: TDB

Round-Robin III: TBD

Regional USAT Tournament: TBD

About 220 teams, grade 5-8, participated in U.S. Academic Triathlon last year in Minnesota alone. U.S. Academic Triathlon is a charter member of the Minnesota Academic Excellence Foundation League of Competitions, and is affiliated with the University of St. Thomas Graduate School of Education.