Supply List

Triton High School Supply List

Triton High is a 9-12th grade school. Students will be supplied with an iPad that will contain their student handbook.  This educational tool will also provide students with the ability to use an electronic calendar.  We will not be issuing student handbooks in the paper format.

Specific supplies for each class are given to students on the first day of class and are contained in the course syllabus. General supplies are: pens, pencils, notebooks and folders. It is a good idea for students to have a notebook and folder for each course that they take.

If you have specific questions regarding a teacher's supplies, please email them by going under the "High School" tab and click on the "Academics" tab for each respective teacher. You may also check the specific course description in the Registration Guide which is also posted under the "Academics" tab. (For example, a recommended calculator may be listed for a math course.)

Contact: Michelle Petersohn