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Brief Course Descriptions
For complete course description see the course syllabus found by clicking on "classes".

American History Grade 9

This course of American History covers the period from 1492-1865. All of the assignments that the students are supposed to do are written on the board in the classroom. The points each assignment is worth and the due dates are always listed there too. Also the students are given a chapter test and quiz hint sheet with each chapter, these sheets help them know what they will be tested on. To see the complete course outline, see the course syllabus.

World War II to the Present

This course covers the American History from about the end of World War II to the present. To see the complete detailed course topics see the course syllabus.

World Cultures

This course is part Geography and part Anthropology. We study the major cultures of the world and the key current issues facing the various cultural groups today. to see a more detailed description of the course see the syllubus.

Advanced Placement History

This course is a survey of American History from 1492 to the Present taught at a college level and for college credit. To earn the college credit the student must take and pass a national AP History exam given each spring. The course may be taken for high school course credit only if desired.