German Class Homework Policy

Why homework is assigned:
I believe that homework is important because it reinforces what has been taught in class, it helps in evaluating students' progress and helps students develop responsibility, and organizational skills.

The assigned homework will require only the skills students have already learned in class.

When homework will be assigned:
Homework will be assigned 2 to 3 times a week, and should not take students more than 30 minutes (not including long-range projects and studying for tests).

A series of tests and quizzes testing different skills will be given to students at the end of each chapter (approximately each 6-7 weeks). Students will have a thorough review in class before each test and at least a two day notice to study for tests. (Note: students will have a free homework pass for scoring 100% on any test.)

Student's homework responsibilities:
-All assignments will be completed and turned in on time (usually the next day after the homework was assigned).
-Students are responsible for making up homework missed due to absence within 2 days after the missed day.
-Students will turn in homework that is neatly done.
If students choose not to do their homework the following corrective actions may occur:
1. For each assignment turned in late students will lose 50% of the assignment's value. (Note: Students may have up to 2 late assignments per quarter without losing points. These 2 “excused late homework days” may be used on special occasions, such as late after school events, illness, or family emergencies.)
2. Parents may be asked to sign completed homework each night.
If there is a legitimate reason why the student is unable to finish homework, it is important for the parent to send a note on the day the homework is due stating the reason it was not completed. The note must be signed by the parent.

If students turn in all homework assignments on time the following reward action will take place:
Students will be given 10 points of extra credit at the end of the quarter.

Parents homework responsibilities:
It is very important for parents to make homework a top priority;
-to provide necessary supplies and a quiet homework environment;
-to establish homework time;
-to provide praise and support;
-to make sure that homework is done;
-to contact the teacher if the student experiences difficulties.

Teacher's homework responsibilities:
I will check all homework assignments and keep a record of completed and not completed assignments. I will help with homework assignments if help is needed.

Contact: Oksana Wheeler