Special Services Available

Triton Public Schools provide support through a full range of special service programs. Students with special needs may be provided services in the regular classroom, through individualized instruction in a resource room, in special classes, in special day schools, or in residential schools, homes or hospitals.

A team of special and regular education personnel works with parents to plan an educational program, which meets the learner’s individual needs. An individualized educational plan is developed cooperatively between parents and school staff.

The special services provided by Triton Public Schools include the following:
*Adaptive physical education
*Title I services
*Early childhood special education
*Emotional/behavioral disorders
*Extended School Year (ESY)
*Learning Disabilities (LD) programs
*Limited English Proficiency
*Physical Therapy
*Programs for students with mental disabilities
*Psychological services
*School health services
*School social workers
*Services for hearing impaired
*Services for physically and other health impaired
*Services for visually impaired
*Speech/language therapy
*Work experience programs

For general information or if you suspect that your child (age birth through twenty-one) may be in need of special services, contact Dana Asleson, or 507-418-7500

Contact: Dana Asleson