Immunization Requirements

According to MN state Law, students in Kindergarten and 7th grade are required to have certain shots before they begin school in the fall of 2012 or they may not be able to attend school.
To save yourself a back to school task; at your next Dr. appt remember to ask your Dr. if your child is up to date on their shots for school and for a copy to bring to the school nurse for school records.

Dodge County Public Health Shot Clinics are available 1-2 times monthly by appointment. Call 507-635-6150.

Owatonna Mayo Health System's Shot Clinics are Monday - Friday from 8 AM - 4:15 PM. Call 507-451-1120.

For further information regarding immunizations and requirements please see the Minnesota Department of Health Website:

Contact: Nurse Office: Jenny Carlson and/or Tessa Ogren