Welcome to Early Childhood Screening Information.

The dates for Preschool Screening will be determined.

Please call 507-418-7500 to make an appointment. Please remember students can be screened starting at age 3 and they will need this screening in order to attend Kindergarten in the state of MN. 

Early childhood screening is required for all students who attend public school. All children age 3 and above in the state of Minnesota must have this screening done. State law requires that screening be done BEFORE attending preschool and kindergarten programs.

Your child will experience many activities and "games" during the screening that will be fun and exciting. Each screening will assess a different aspect of your child's health and development.

Screening usually takes about 60 minutes. We do scheduled screenings twice a year. An updated copy of your child's immunization record is required and should be brought with you to screening. Please also bring a copy of your child's birth certificate.

Contact: Health Office: Jenny Carlson, LPN and/or Tessa Ogren, Health Assistant