Classroom Expectations

At Triton Third Grade we have "above and below the line" expectations. This approach teaches students about respect, responsibility, safe choices and appropriate work habits.

These are the expectations at Triton Elementary School:

1. Be Responsible
- follow directions
- be prepared
- make good choices

2. Be Respectful
- be courteous
- be honest
- be fair

3. Be Safe
- line basics
- keep hands and feet to yourself
- make safe, healthy choices

4. Be A Worker
- be a good listener
- use time wisely
- do your best

At Triton Elementary School, we feel it is important to hold children accountable for the choices they make. In the event a child should make an inappropriate choice, we have the following "color change" consequence plan:

Green: Start of the day
Yellow: Reminder needed to refocus behaviors
Orange: Conference with Mrs. Lang and Behavior plan sent home.
Red: Call home

In the event a child should reach the color red two days in a row, the child will have a conference with the principal.