Class room expectations 2009-2010

Welcome to third grade where our goal is to learn something new each day.
The following mission statement was written by the students in our class:

We are Mrs. Hagen's third grade class . We want to be terrific math students. We will be good readers and writers. We want to explore the world of science. We will all be good friends and we will learn something new each day.

We will be the BEST WE CAN BE by being respectful and responsible students. We will work hard and we will help each other learn and work. Our class will be a safe and fun place to learn.

In our class we follow the Triton behavior expectations. Expectations are posted in every classroom and are included in the student handbook.

The students bring home an agenda which is used each day. This agenda should be checked each day. Please use the agenda to to send messages and to check for homework assignments.