Classroom Rules

norman rockwell
Classroom Policy 2018-2019
Mr. Day

One of my primary responsibilities is to teach all the students in my classroom. Each student has a legal right to learn. I am obligated, as best I can, to protect each student’s right to learn. Therefore, no student has a right to prevent other students from learning by disruptive behavior. The following policies will help maintain a positive and comfortable learning environment:

1. Every student has an assigned desk. Each student is to sit in that desk everyday.

2. Do not move desks from where they are unless instructed to by the teacher.

3. Do not sit on the desktops...ever. They will break.

4. Come to class on time. Three times tardy equals one detention.

5. Assignments are due on the date written on the board. Be ready to hand them in on that date.

6. Late assignments have points deducted from them. If an assignment is more than two days late it may automatically becomes zero points.

7. All missed exams are to be made up as soon as possible upon return to school. Exams not made up within one week will be zero points. Exams must be done in my classroom or during a study hall.

8. It is the students responsibility to watch the white-board and know what the assignments are and when they are due, and to be sure they have the assignments.
“I didn’t know what the assignment was” or “I didn’t know it was due” are not accepted as excuses.

9. Student may not leave the room without permission. Generally only one student may leave the room at a time. Leaving the room is very much discouraged and students should be organized such that they don’t need to leave, except for “emergencies”.

10. Extra credit work can be arranged. Extra credit means “beyond” regular assignments, NOT instead of them. Extra credit must be done at least two weeks before the end of a quarter.

11. No lining up in the back of the room or by the door at the end of the hour. Please remain in the room till the bell sounds.

12. Cheating, copying other people’s work, and plagiarism are violations of school policy. If the teacher catches someone cheating that assignment receives a zero.

13. Mr. Day reserves the right to adjust these policies due to special circumstances.

14. All papers must be handed directly to Mr. Day or the basket with the green label. Do not place papers anywhere else in the room.

15) All your papers must have both first and last name and the hour of the day you have the class.

16) Mr. Day will not tolerate any bullying by any student. Students are encouraged to report any bullying or any kind of emotional abuse.

17)  Phones may not be used during class time.  I-Pads are for school work only.  

If Mr. Day cannot work out all behavior issues with a student, the student will be referred to high school principal and or parents will be notified.

Contact: Patrick Day