2nd Grade Reading Outcomes

1. Starting fluency of 50-60 wcpm at grade level, ending fluency of 95-105 wcpm.
2. Identify character, setting, and plot of a story.
3. Read and spell long and short vowel patterns when reading one and two syllable words.
4. Identify the main purpose of a non-fiction text.
5. Identify and name synonyms for words.
6. Identify different points of view of characters.
7. Compare and contrast two versions of the same story.
8. Identify and correctly use nouns, proper nouns, and form irregular plural nouns.
9. Capitalize appropriate proper nouns: holidays, product names, geographical names.
10. Determine the moral of a story.
11. Describe how the beginning introduces a story and the ending concludes the action.
12. Read and spell words with common vowel teams.
13. Form and use past tense irregular verbs.
14. Describe how characters in a story respond to major events and challenges.
15. Use context clues to find the meaning of words.
16. Ask and answer questions about a fiction or non-fiction text using “wh” words.
17. Compare and contrast 2 non-fiction texts on the same topic.
18. Determine the meaning of given vocabulary words.
19. Read, spell, and understand prefixes and suffixes and how the root word is affected.
20. Correctly form contractions.
21. Use a glossary or dictionary to find word meanings and correct spelling.
22. Identify and use pronouns.
23. Create a timeline for historical events.
24. Explain how using diagrams and maps contribute to meaning of a text.
25. Correctly produce a compound sentence.
26. Identify various non-fiction text features including captions, subheadings, etc.