Study Hall Policy

New York Public Library
Study Hall Rules

1. Arrive to study hall on time.

2. Bring something to do: school work, book, magazine.

3. Sit in your assigned desk everyday.

4. Only one may leave the room at a time (for locker, bathroom). If you “get lost” and do not return in a reasonable amount of time hall privileges will be suspended. Do not expect to leave the study hall everyday.

5. I do not give passes to the library, if you need to use the library for school work you must have a pass from that teacher.

6. No student will be allowed to go to the library every day. Library use will be limited to school work. It is not a student lounge.

7. Not more than 4-5 students will be allowed to leave for library on any given day.

8. You may listen to your music.

10. You may not text or play games during study hall.

11. No talking without permission….study hall is not a student lounge either….

12. No food.

13. No sleeping.

Study Halls are intended to provide a place and time for homework and learning. They are not “free time” to kick back and waste time talking while disrupting those students who are trying to study. No student has the right to prevent other students from having a quiet study hall so they can get their work done. Every student will be required to honor the real intention of the study hall. Do not tell me you have no work to do, unless you are actually getting straight A’s in all you courses, you do have work to do.


Contact: Patrick Day