During the school year all Triton District Sports will have the gyms and main multipurpose room until 7PM for FALL,  SPRING and WINTER sport season for practice( some evening during WINTER season may be used until 7:30PM). On game nights the gyms are off limits until games are completed. Just remember if you are scheduled for any gym time you may have to wait for the district sports to be completed before starting. Please keep the kids out of the gyms until that time. Thank you!

**PLEASE NOTE--there are certain dates that are BLOCKED ACTIVITY DATES. Read below:

*The first TWO weeks of every July and over MEA Break for gym resurfacing (MEA-usually only 1 gym is resurfaced at this time).

*The Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving 

*The date of December 24 through December 26th for Christmas/Holiday break.  Gyms available starting  December 27  (No large group activities allowed from Dec 23 to Jan 3 i.e.-tournaments etc.)  

*The Friday through Sunday of Easter/Spring break

Custodial staff are an additional fee above the facility rental fee.  Janitorial fees can be expected with any Saturday or Sunday rental.  Call for details.

***If you will be needing the concessions area for any event/tournaments you have to contact Annalee Thomas/Michelle Petersohn in the High School Office at 418-7520 NO LATER than 2 weeks before the event*** 

If you have any questions you can contact Community Ed/Kris Lilledahl at: 507-418-7550 or email at: klilledahl@triton.k12.mn.us

Contact: Kris L.