A Journey Through The CELL!


A Web Quest for biology students at Triton High School





With the improvement of microscopes during the 19th century, scientists began to be able to carry out experiments that were impossible before.  The things that these scientists observed and concluded are summarized in the cell theory. 

The major ideas of the cell theory are:
1. All living things are made of one or more cells
2. Cells are the basic units of structure and function in living things
3. All cells come from other cells

Since all living things are made of cells, it is important that we have an understanding of their structure and function.  The understanding that we gain through this project will lay the framework for the next several weeks as we move into learning about cellular processes.



Your Job:



The first phase of the project will require you to use internet resources, which you can find on the RESOURCE PAGE, to fill in your cell structure and function table.  You will be focusing on finding information regarding which type of cells the organelle is found in and the function of each part.  You will also be making a drawing of each part, and coming up with a metaphor for it (to help you understand and remember the function).

You will have part of Thursday and Friday to finish this portion of the project.  If you do not finish your research in that time, you will need to do it on your own.  The research phase is due at the beginning of the period on Monday, November 17 (AB) or Wednesday, November 19 (bio).

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You will be assigned an organelle on Friday.  Your second job for this project will be to create a pamphlet that describes your organelle, as well as a plan for a presentation to share your organelle with the class.  Your pamplet should be typed or NEATLY handwritten.  It should include, at a minimum, the following information:

- The name of your organelle

- A picture of your organelle (color is good)

- The structure of your organelle

- The function of your organelle

- The relationship of your organelle to others within the cell

- An argument regarding why your organelle is essential to the cell's survival

- Something to help us remember the part and its job - a metaphor or pneumonic device.

- any other information that you feel might be helpful about your organelle.

I will provide you with a model of a layout for the pamplet.  Use it as a guide to make sure that you don't forget anything!

Presentations will be given starting on Monday, November 17 (AB) and Thursday, November 20 (bio).  You must be ready to present within the first 15 minutes of the period!

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The final phase of the project will be done on your own.  You will create a three-dimensional model of either a plant cell or an animal cell using objects found around your home.  You do not need to go purchase supplies for this!  Be creative with using what you can find!  Your model must contain at least 10 different organelles, and they must be identified in some way, either with a key or directly labeled.

The cell model will be due on Wednesday, November 19 (AB) and Monday, November 24 (bio)!










Click here for a list of cell web resources







Evaluation of the Project

Click for a rubric of the grading scale for each part of this project 







When you're finished with the project, go here for a short 


and some closing thoughts and questions




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