The THS Outdoor Classroom

 The THS Outdoor Classroom Cabin was built in 2002 through a donation from Wells Fargo Bank.

It is currently used as a classroom and central meeting place for several THS classes.


An arboretum was added outside the THS Cabin in 2004.  The arboretum contains many of the plants that can be found in the prairie, and they are labeled to be used as an informative and teaching tool.

After taking a short walk around the arboretum, you can take a walk through the prairie and see how many plants you can identify! 


 This map marks the entrance to the THS Nature Trails.  Each portion of the trail goes through a particular ecosystem in the nature area.

Stop by the nature area and experience a walk through the prairie, take a stroll through the coniferous forest, get your feet wet in the pond/wetland area, and check out the deciduous trees and vines around the periphery of the area.


 The view upon entering the trail.

The foreground consists of mostly prairie plants and a few deciduous trees.  You can see the pond straight down the trail, and the coniferous forest in the background on the left.