We all know how much fun math is!  But let's face it, it's even more fun when you can play math games.  Below you will find a series of math websites to practice what you are learning in class: 

Math Playground This is a great site that has math and logic games, virtual manipulatives, word problems, flash cards, and even printable worksheets.

Illuminations This site is created by the NCTM and is aligned with the standards that students must meet.   They have lots of manipultives and explorations.   Check it out!

Zearn This is a great site for students to have guided instruction.  It has videos and things they need to manipulate.  This is a great resource that we use at school and can be used at home.

Khan Academy All students have a username and password through me, but can still work through the lessons without one.  This is great if your child is struggling with something specific.  Khan Academy will have instruction videos and rigorous problems to practice the skills.  I highly recommend Khan Academy.