Using various websites and activities the students in the primary grades(k-2) will begin learning the keyboards layout. How to properly sit at a computer and understanding the importance of using both hands while using a keyboard will be a big priority.

Students in grades 3-5 will begin using the web based typing program  Students will learn all necessary skills to become fluent typists. Students will strive to achieve their WPM and accuracy goals to assure they are moving along at the correct pace.

Keyboarding Goals:
3rd Grade-- 10-15 WPM with 90-94% Accuracy
4th Grade-- 15-20 WPM with 90-94% Accuracy
5th Grade 20-25 WPM with 95-100% Accuracy

3rd-5th Grade Homework:

Monthly Keyboarding Homework

Monthly Keyboarding Homework information and weblinks can be found at: Log In Reminder
Students will need to log into their account to complete homework
Username: first and last name . triton  (no spaces or capitals)            
Password: 4 digit lunch code                  
example: johnwayne.triton   password: 1234
If you or your child has any questions feel free to email me at or call me before or after school at 507-374-2258 ext 1410
Eric Christians
Technology Teacher
Triton Elementary School