Mrs. Dawna Henslin
I have been teaching first grade for many years at Triton Elementary. Prior to that I taught ECSE at Triton.  I also have taught ECSE at a Developmental Activity Center in Dodge Center, and one year of teaching in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.   I am married to Tom Henslin and have three children (Joshua married to Katie, Sarah married to Mike and Emily who teaches in Minnesota also).
I graduated from Sherman Central High School in Sherman, New York.  I completed my undergraduate work at Cedarville University, located in Cedarville, Ohio.  I have taken numerous graduate classes at Mankato State University.
My purpose in teaching is to determine the best "learning style" of each child so they reach their highest potential.  I want children to build their successes through laughter, smiles, creative ideas, listening and respect for all.  When I see the results of their successes at each of their personal levels of learning, I feel an inner sense of true satisfaction.