Daily and Weekly Schedule

Daily and Weekly Schedule


 8:05-8:15 Opening  Business

8:15-8:30 P.A.L. reading

8:30-9:30 Reading Instruction
9:30-9:55 Title Reading and Guided Reading Groups

9:55-10:20 RtI and DEAR time

10:20-11:05 Written Language

11:10-12:05 Lunch and Recess

12:10-1:15 Math 



1:20-2:10 SPECIALS

2:10-2:35 Title Math and Math Enrichment

2:35-2:50 Snack


  Prepare for dismissal; Agendas, homework
assignment, gather mail, get dressed and pack backpacks


C day Art and Book Check Out
O day Technology
B day HERO meeting  and Music
R day Technology
A day  Msuic, Science and Social Studies