Facilities Use Policy 

I. PURPOSE The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for community use of school facilities and equipment.
II. GENERAL STATEMENT OF POLICY Triton District #2125 believes the schools are an integral part of the community.  The School Board welcomes and encourages maximum use of school facilities as scheduled with respect to district sponsored activities.  All other individuals should not assume that they have the right to use the school buildings or properties at the expense of other tax payers.  
III. SCHEDULED COMMUNITY EDUCATION CLASSES AND ACTIVITIES A. The Community Education Office shall schedule rooms and special areas for community education classes and activities planned to be offered during each session. B. Procedures for providing publicity, registration and collection of fees shall be the responsibility of Community Education. C. Registration fees may be structured to include a pro-rata portion of costs for custodial services that may be needed.
A. To facilitate planning on the part of Community Facility User groups, the school district principals and other administrators will submit annual building usage requests for the upcoming school year to the Activities office or Superintendent’s Secretary.  
B. Applications from Community Facility User groups received prior to any given season will not be approved until completion of: 1. The school district activity calendar 2. School district master calendar 3. District-wide community educational services events calendar 4. Other school related organizations’ approved facility uses.
C. To ensure accurate and timely additions to the calendar, all requests shall be directed in writing or electronically to the Community Education Office no less then ten (10) business days prior to desired date.  Requests for events bringing more than 100 persons a day into a facility must be received four (4) weeks prior to the first date requested.
D. One person of the group requesting space must be designated as in charge and responsible for group activity.  That person’s contact information must be on file with the Community Education office.
E. An email confirmation will be sent to contact information of person in charge (see D above).  A copy of this confirmation must accompany user at event the confirmation pertains to.   
 F. Non School District user groups and outside user organizations require proof of Comprehensive Liability insurance with coverage for bodily injury and property damage of at least $500,000 combined single limit each occurrence.  The certificate holder must read:  Triton Independent School District #2125, 813 West Highway Street, Dodge Center, MN 55927.  Signed contracts, proof of insurance and deposits must be received at least ten (10) business days prior to your event, or your event will be canceled.
G. All accidents or damage to ISD #2125 buildings or equipment must be reported to the Facility Scheduler or Athletic Director within 24 hours of the event.
H. Facility requests for outside user group practices will be accepted on the following dates for the different sports seasons. FALL SEASON: submissions accepted starting August 1-this will cover dates August 1 through September 30th.  WINTER SEASON: submissions accepted starting August 1-this will cover dates of October 1-March 28. Tournament request dates for the WINTER SEASON can be submitted prior to August 1 but just have to have approval from Head of Grounds and AD before approval granted.  SPRING SEASON: submissions accepted starting February 1-this will cover dates of March 1-May 31st.  SUMMER SEASON: submissions accepted starting May 1st and will cover the dates of June 1-August 15th.  All of these will be inputted on a first-come-first serve basis.   District and Community Education events will have priority when scheduling events.  Outside User Groups may have the possibility of an event needing to be rescheduled or canceled.  You would be notified.
I.   Room arrangements and equipment placement must be left the way they were found or an additional fee may be assessed.
J.  Children must be supervised at all times and stay in the reserved area.
K.   Facilities will be scheduled through Community Education. Requests need to be submitted by using the Facilities Request Form found on the Triton Public School’s web page.  
L. Parent groups of district athletes requesting gym space for extra practice times must reserve the space through the sport’s head coach. The head coach will need to communicate with the Facilities Scheduler to reserve times and must indicate the supervising adult that will be responsible for that practice. The head coach will be responsible for unlocking and locking the facility.  
M.   Use requests received with less then the required minimum notice will be processed if possible.  A rush permit fee may be added.
N.   Triton School District reserves the right to cancel or change dates, for any event scheduled, in the event the facilities are needed for school and/or Community Education activities, or in the event of poor/inclement weather or facility issues.   
O. When emergencies or unusual circumstances arise that necessitate  rescheduling the use of school facilities, every effort will be made to find  acceptable alternative meeting space.
P.   If Triton Schools are closed due to severe weather, all scheduled events  are also cancelled.  If cancellation/early closing would occur on a Friday, due to impending inclement weather, this may affect weekend usage.  
Q. If you cancel your event, a fee may apply.
R.   All facility use must be scheduled through the Facility Scheduler or  Activities Director.  No other arrangements will be recognized.
S. Any group, which fails to comply with any of the above policies or regulations, shall forfeit the right to use school property or  facilities.
T.   Applications from non-resident or other applications, which are exceptions to or not covered by the above provisions, shall be brought to the attention of the school board.
U.  Triton School District 2125 has the right to make changes to the Facilities Use Policy as needed, and will review these policies annually.  
V. Please refer to the designated “Blocked Days” located on the Facilities Tab. No use of the building is allowed on these days.    
**No user groups (district OR outside) are allowed to bring in any equipment without approval from Superintendent and Facility Supervisor.  If you have equipment needs, please contact Community Ed directly at 418-7550 with request. Presentation and possible approval will then be submitted and you will be notified of decision.
Payment Policies: Please refer to the document: “Classifications” to find rates. User groups outside of the District will need to prepay for all use. All user groups that have been delinquent in past payments, will also be required to prepay, and cannot use the facilities until all associated accounts are paid in full. 
In addition to the fees listed above, charges may be assessed:
• For additional staff costs for custodians, supervision, food and nutrition service employees & facility usage, and/or technicians and truck services, as well as garbage pick-up.
• Weekend fundraising, tournaments, or special event functions flat fee: $300 for one gym/ball field, and $150 for each additional gym/ball field per day of rental. Includes use of gym/ball field, custodian (during regularly scheduled hours), garbage pick-up, concession stand, additional rooms as requested in advance and equipment as requested in advance.
• Turf Field Rule: Other Schools/outside groups will be allowed to rent the turf field at $165/hr.  Triton staff supervision is required and will be provided for any group.  Any damages that occur during the rental period will be the responsibility of the lessee.  
For applications, facility requests and information, our website is www.triton.k12.mn.us *  
Policies Effective September 1, 2020