Schoology is a web resource that will allow you to monitor the progress of your student.  It has a features which allow you to view their calendar and assignments that they have been assigned.  The website can be accessed by clicking on "Schoology Webpage" on the left.

When you click on the link on the left, it will ask you to Sign Up.  There is a "Log In" area in the top right of the screen.  You will 
choose to log in as a parent.  Once you click on the parent option, it will ask you for an access code.  You will need to get this access code from the school. This code will link you as a parent of the student to their school information. 

If you click on the black triangle in the upper right portion of the screen, you will have the option to set up various notifications that you can get via email or text messages.  You can also access the help center to get instructions on other features of using Schoology.