Grounds Use Policy/Agreement

Triton Public Schools Outdoor Grounds Use Agreement


This ______ day of ________________, 202____ by and between Triton Public Schools and

___________________________________________________________. Permission to use the ball diamond(s), located on the Triton Public Schools grounds is granted subject to acceptance of the following conditions:

  1. The Triton Public Schools District Athletics and Triton Community Education play will super cede all usages.
  2. All use shall be requested through the Triton Public Schools Facilities Request Form found on Triton’s website for any practices, games or tournaments.
  3. All game preparation of the field will be done by Triton Public Schools Staff only, and will only be done on weekdays.  Weekend field prep can be set up if available-contact CE directly for availability. The charge for field prep is $25, per field, per time. This money will be collected by Triton Community Ed, and will be deposited back into the Grounds and Facilities Account to cover staff wages and materials/equipment costs.  If the game is canceled, and the Triton Staff is not notified in a timely manner and preps the field, the organization will still be billed for that day.  For tournaments the ball field fees are $300 for first field and $150 per field after that-per day.  The Turf Field fee is $150 per hour.  
  4. The user is responsible for clean-up of all litter in the ball field area. (Including under, on, and around bleachers and dugouts). Any cleanup done by the Triton Public Schools Staff will be charged to the user with a one-hour minimum charge set at the staff member’s hourly wage.  When game is completed it is expected that the pitching mound and home plate area is raked/filled in by the user.  Rake will be located inside the dugouts. Also-NO hitting into fences for batting! **Alcohol and tobacco use are prohibited on school grounds at any events for any age group.** 
  5. Triton Public Schools holds the right to stop activities in the event such activities are detrimental to the overall use of the school grounds. Failure of Lessee to observe any of these terms and conditions is cause for ejection from the premises at the discretion of Triton Public Schools and in such case no refund will be made and fines may be charged depending on the circumstances.
  6. Triton Public Schools will not be responsible for any injury, loss, or damage that may occur. The Lessee, on signing this contract, expressly releases the aforementioned from any and all claims, loss, damage or injury.  A Certificate of Liability is REQUIRED before events can be held on Triton school grounds or facility.
  7. Payment to Triton Public Schools must be made in full within thirty (30) days of your last scheduled event. Non-District groups and those with past delinquent accounts must pre-pay for use. Failure to pay account in full will result in the organization not being allowed to use Triton’s Facilities until paid in full.

Noncompliance can result in the team being prohibited from using school property.

 I have read and accept the conditions of use.


ORGANIZATION NAME:_________________________________    COACHES NAME:_______________________________________


TELEPHONE NUMBER:__________________________________    EMAIL:_______________________________________________


BILLING ADDRESS:_____________________________________________________________


STREET CITY/STATE/ZIP:________________________________________________________


Lessee’s Signature

The undersigned acknowledges the receipt of the “Grounds Use Agreement” and agrees that all activities undertaken as permit agreement holder and by all others in my party will be in accordance with the above agreement.

Signature:  ________________________________________________________ Date:_______________________                  
Agreement effective: September 1, 2020