Classification for Fee Purposes

Triton School District # 2125 - Facilities Use Policy Classifications for Fee Purposes:

Class I (normal activities during regularly scheduled custodial hours)
• School organizations  
• Community Education Department sponsored activities
• Parent-teacher groups
• District or school-recognized booster group meetings
• Local, state and national election polls and caucuses
• Board of Education activities
• Essential services (such as law enforcement running drills for the benefit of District #2125)
• School Reunion groups for Claremont, West Concord and Dodge Center/Triton
• Community Triton Groups which benefit the Triton School District #2125 (such as Triton Foundation, Post Prom, Booster Club, FCA etc.) 
Class II (Includes above groups outside of regularly scheduled custodial hours)
• Community athletic associations, (such as traveling teams), must prove that 100% of the participants are Triton students.  
• Non-school community organizations (such as scouts, 4-H, etc.)
• Government agencies serving mostly School District #2125 residents
• Community Groups that hold activities that benefit mostly School District # 2125 residents (such as townhouse associations, local clubs, Men’s Night Basketball, Legion teams or local adult softball teams etc. with 100% of the participants being district residents (proven with roster submission).  
• District community church activities • Private or Charter Schools located in Triton School District’s Communities.

Class III
• For-profit organizations and/or private groups which provide educational, civic, recreational or charitable activities and do not charge admission
• Group activities that benefit mostly non-district #2125 residents

Class IV
• Private rentals (graduation, wedding reception, etc.)

Class V
• Individuals, private agencies, companies and vendors that use district facilities for commercial purposes or profit.
• Adult or student athletic groups with less than 100% Triton district students/residents on the roster.
• Colleges and universities
• Other High Schools, Private Schools and Charter Schools not located within the Triton School District Communities.

Effective-Sept 1, 2020