Welcome to Painting 2 

Course #: 6005     Prerequisite: Painting 1       Credit: .5     Grade Level: 9-12


Course Description:

This course is focused on advanced painting techniques and concepts. It will aim to enhance student’s brushwork, paint application, and confidence in painting and drawing. Students will continue to build their online art portfolio and update it throughout the semester to track improvement. They will also delve into the science of color and color mixing to strengthen their individual style and visual perspective. Students will be free to choose their own subject matter and artists for inspiration.


Grading Breakdown

A   100-93%

C  76-73%

A-  92-90%

C-  72-70%

B+  89-87%

D+  69-66%

B  86-83%

D  65-60%

B-  82-80%

D-  Sufficient learning, but not 60%

C+ 79-77%

F  Insufficient learning and less than 60%



  • How do I contact you?

  • Will I get dirty?

    • You might. It would be a good idea to bring an art shirt or use an apron!

  • Is there extra credit?

    • No, unless I notify you of an opportunity that comes up throughout the semester.