Welcome to 6th Grade ART

Course Description:

This course is all about building a strong foundation as well as giving you an opportunity to explore the vast mediums art has to offer. Mediums such as painting, ceramics, graphic arts, drawing,  printmaking, stop-motion animation, and so much more! I can't wait to get started.


    Grading Breakdown

A   100-93%

C  76-73%

A-  92-90%

C-  72-70%

B+  89-87%

D+  69-66%

B  86-83%

D  65-60%

B-  82-80%

D-  Sufficient learning, but not 60%

C+ 79-77%

F  Insufficient learning and less than 60%



  • How do I contact you?

  • Will I get dirty?

    • You might. It would be a good idea to bring an art shirt or use an apron!

  • Is there extra credit?

    • No, unless I notify you of an opportunity that comes up throughout the semester.  laugh