It's been such a pleasure to join the energetic and caring team here at Triton. My name is Alex McDonald and this is my first year of teaching Special Education classes, and I work primarily students with learning disabilities or other health disabilities. I work closely with general education teachers to make sure students are supported in the classroom as well as the resource room. Our staff is attentive to individual student needs and responsive to concerns and self advocacy. 

I believe that young people will benefit from and appreciate a well rounded education with opportunities to study their professional ambitions. We study a wide variety of topics in my classes through reading, writing, math, and other content areas. At the same time, students bring a lot of their classroom work to the resource room in order to get help from me and other students. They each have specific goals that demand the time for reflection and independent study. It's important that we try to balance the needs of individuals to work on tests, missing work, and individual goals with the needs of the whole group to work on collaboration, creativity, and communication skills.

I am also coaching boys' basketball this winter and often supervise the weight room after school. You can reach my email at  .

Contact: Alex McDonald