Senior Seminar & Project is a culminating set of hands-on learning experiences designed to encourage students to think critically, solve challenging problems, and develop professional and life skills that will help prepare them for post-high school, modern careers, and adult life.

Students are given a chance to personalize their education by selecting a passion project that interests them and aligns with their personal and professional goals.  They will conduct research on the subject, connect with a professional leadership role model from the community, and create a portfolio visually displaying their learning during the project process through various artifacts and reflections. At the end of their experience, each student will present his or her learning during the project process to a board made up of faculty and community members.  The capstone project for each student must be approved by the Senior Project Committee prior to the start of Senior Seminar.

         FEATURED PORTFOLIO          



*You must be approved by the Senior Project Committee before starting your Senior Project!**

To seek approval, turn in the following typed and signed forms to Ms. Goossens or Mr. Storlie:

Forms must be turned in before 3:10 PM on one of the following deadlines:

  1. Tuesday, May 28, 2019
  2. Friday, September 13, 2019
  3. Tuesday, November 26, 2019
  4. Thursday, January 23, 2020

The Senior Project Committee will review your forms and inform you of your approval status.

 2019 - 2020 Project Approvals 
*Updated 12/3/2019*

Senior Project Planning

2019 Senior Year PowerPoint

2019 - 2020 Tentative Senior Seminar Calendar

I believe that this project and class is something that many people have done and learned from.  I think it is something that reflects our school saying of 'lifelong learners.'  This project is something that helped me learn many skills.  It will also help with future learning. "
-Class of 2018
  1. To raise students' awareness of their personal education and career options and assist them in making decisions about these options.
  2. To give students the opportunity to learn beyond the limits of the available high school curriculum.
  3. To give students access to a professional leadership role model in the community

Ms. Rebecca Goossens
Senior Project Coordinator
Senior Seminar Teacher
Mr. Luke Lutterman
High School Principal
Mr. Sam Storlie
Senior Seminar Teacher
Ms. Christi Kreigh
High School Counselor
Mrs. Karen Kleinwort
Senior Seminar Teacher