6th Grade Topics Covered:
Intro to Health
  • Intro to health basics
  • Dimensions of health
  • Interconnected nature of health
  • Healthy habits
Physical Health
  • Elements of physical health
  • Promote and prevent physical health
  • My physical body
  • Bones and muscles
  • Sex Ed
    • intro 
    • building relationships
    • love or a crush
Emotional and Mental Health
  • Indetifying emotions
  • Inside and out of emotions
  • A quick guide to difficult emotions
  • Learning how to express yourself
  • Healthy habits for expressing yourself
  • Understanding mental health
  • Coping skills for resilliant living
Social Health
  • Intro to social health
  • qualities of a good friend
  • recipe for friendship
Spiritual Health 
  • Spiritual health
  • Where do values come from
  • My values
Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs
  • What is a drug
    • Intro
    • How drugs work
    • Stimulants
    • Cannabis 
    • Vaping 

Environmental Health
  • What is environmental health
  • External factors influencing well-being
  • the environment and it's importance
Intellectual Health
  • Intellectually healthy habits
  • Do this, not that
  • Super intellectual health 
Thriving Project