1. Seating: Upon entering class, find the desk that corresponds with your number and sit there.

2. Attendance: attendance is taken promptly at the beginning of class; review your attendance markings to ensure I am being accurate.  

3. Entry Routine: When the bell rings you are expected to be in your seat and prepared with what you need. Voices should be off, devices stored, and work completed individually.

4. Cell phones: Cell phones will rarely be used in class and pose a distraction to yourself as well as your peers. I do not want to see them out. I have provided a charging station at the back of the classroom so you can put the phone somewhere away from. You’ll have an outlet tower for you to access.

If you choose to take your chances, you get 1 warning to put the phone away. The second time I see it, you’ll be asked to put the phone on my desk. If you comply, it will be returned to you at the end of the hour. If it becomes a larger issue, it will be given to the front office for them to hold onto for the day.

5. Exiting class to use the restroom: get the teachers attention and use the hand signal to request to use the restroom. Return to the room promptly.

I reserve the right to tell you to wait until our current task is complete before I allow you to leave the room – this is for the sake of you not missing important instructions/information/materials/etc. If you find you’ve been waiting longer than 15 minutes, politely ask me again.

You will not be given permission to leave if it is within the first 10 minutes of class or the last 10 minutes of instruction as your absence will cause you to miss critical information.

6. What to do when you are done with you work/quiz/test/task: read a book from the class library, color, complete a word search, rest your brain/meditate

7. Calendar and upcoming events: I will update out weekly calendar to be as accurate as possible. For longer assignments that span beyond 1 week, the due dates will also be posted on the assignment sheets themselves. I will also utilize the messaging posts on Schoology to keep the class up to date. If you ever have a question, ask your peers and then ask me.

8. Emailing teachers: It is in your best interest to be polite and professional when emailing anyone, especially people to whom you are asking help. Begin emails with a greeting. State the nature of your problem/question and be very clear about the class to which you’re referring and the specific assignment.

End with a closing statement such as “Have a good night” or “thank you for your time”. I will attempt to answer all emails within 1 school day.