Welcome to Graphic Design

Course #: 7002      Prerequisite: None    Credit: .5      Grade Level: 9 - 12

Course Description:

Graphic design is everywhere. It is impossible to go through a day without seeing countless combinations of words and images on DVD covers, in magazines and books, on billboards, online, and even inside your kitchen cupboards! This “hands-on” class has students learning and using industry-standard software Adobe Photoshop to edit photos and create projects such as logos, posters, ads, and magazine spreads. This course is designed for students who are interested in expressing themselves visually and digitally.

                                             Grading Breakdown

A   100-93%

C  76-73%

A-  92-90%

C-  72-70%

B+  89-87%

D+  69-66%

B  86-83%

D  65-60%

B-  82-80%

D-  Sufficient learning, but not 60%

C+ 79-77%

F  Insufficient learning and less than 60%



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  • Is there extra credit?

    • No, unless I notify you of an opportunity that comes up throughout the semester. laugh