8th Grade Units
Foundations of Health
  • Why I'm taking control of my health
  • Quick review of health
  • Portfolio of goals
  • Message to my peers
Physical Health
  • Nutrition scavenger hunt
  • Fueling your body
  • Healthy lunch tray
Sex Ed
  • STI and reproduction
  • Pregnancy and contraceptives
  • Abstinence and concent
  • Types of touch
  • Decision making 
Social Health
  • Social health and Happiness
  • Media Audit
  • Conflict resolution superhero
Spiritual Health
  • Discover your mission
  • Writing a mission statement
  • Spiritual health roadblocks
Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs
  • Mental health
  • Zero tolerance
  • Health policy
  • Healthy future
Occupational Health 
  • What is occupational health
  • Questions to ask about your future career
  • Occupational health roadblocks
  • Career exploration and checklist
  • How to succeed at work
  • Building occupationally healthy habits in middle school
  • Exploring my dream job: an interview
  • Exploring my dream job: we're hiring
  • Exploring my dream job: the interview
Environmental Health
  • Assessing environmental health
  • Is school impacting environmental health
  • Creating a school wide earth day campaign
Intellectual Health
  • Mantras for intellectual health 
  • Visualizing the future
  • Making your dreams come true
Thrive Project