Commitment to Equity

During this time in our nation’s history, we have had the opportunity to analyze and further recognize how oppression and privilege show up in our lives. Through work this summer, a group of Triton High School Staff and myself understand that we need to be more direct and vocal about our commitment to our students' sense of inclusion, safety and belonging, in particular our students of color. It is important that we work on these commitments and that they are voiced.

I am committed to offering safe spaces and empathy for students of color, as well as students who feel marginalized for any other reason.
I am committed to growing my own knowledge and racial consciousness by participating in professional development opportunities and our staff book study. 
I am committed to working towards an antiracist school environment in which ALL students feel safe, cared for, and able to learn.

The District has also committed to building the cultural competency of its administrators, teachers, paraprofessionals and office staff. Over the course of this school year, staff and students will receive equity training provided by the Rochester Diversity Council. Staff members will complete the Intercultural Development Inventory in late August and review the results one-on-one with a Qualified Administrator throughout the fall. Staff members will also receive group trainings on topics such as unconscious bias, cultural awareness and inclusive language. Additionally, in late fall, 6-12 students will receive several small group trainings called "Bystander to Upstander" from the Rochester Diversity Council. High School students will also learn about equity and social justice topics in their advisory classes through the Teaching Tolerance curriculum. The district will work with parents and the community as we build our cultural competency, as their feedback is critical and valued. We are ready to work towards building a more equitable learning environment for all Triton students.  

Below are some resources to help students and families learn more and work towards making their own commitments: