FFA Seniors

State Convention Qualifiers:

Dairy Evaluation (7th place) Meats Evaluation (3rd place)

-Cadence Spearman - John Moenning (7th in the region)

-Savannah Peterson - Devin Menses (4th in the region)

-Elyssa Robinson - Jason Wolf

-Stella Streich - Noah Kasper (10th in the region)

-Melanie Andrist - Jacob Kasper

American Degrees Poultry Evaluation (3rd place)

-Anna Ridenour - Poe Broskoff (3rd in the region)

- August Johnson

National Proficiency Award - Wade Holtet

-Anna Ridenour- goats- Gold Rated

Discussion Meet: Region Proficiency Awards Cadence Spearman (1st in region-State bound) - Cadence Spearman- 1st Gold

Stella Streich (3rd in region) - John Moenning- 1st Gold

- Poe Broskoff- 1st Gold

Best Informed Greenhand - Stella Streich- 4th Gold

- Gabby Geers

- Morgan Luhman Extemporaneous Speaking: - Beau Klankowski - August Johnson (2nd in the region) - Jacob Kasper

Ag Mechanics (4th place) Crops (3rd place)

- Tristan Nelson- 1st place individual - Caleb Chilson- 6th place individual

- Grady Klankowski- 7th place individual - Andrew Holtet

- Beau Klankowski - Brady Staub

- Henry McMartin

Nursery Landscape (5th place) Delegates:

- Jenna Kenworthy - 3rd place individual - Austan Adreon

- Gabby Geers - Stella Streich

- Kianna Skalicky

Agriscience Fair- Food Systems Pathway

- Poe Broskoff- in top three, will find out placing at state

State Level Proficiency

- John Moenning- in top three, will find out placing at state