Marit Lang - Teacher of the Year

Marit Lang has received the award of Triton’s 2023-2024 Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Lang is a middle school math teacher. While at Triton, Marit has worked as an Educational Assistant, taught early childhood education, kindergarten, first, third, and fifth grade. This fall she moved from the elementary to the middle school to teach 6th grade math and it also marks the start of her 35th year of teaching, 26 of them being at Triton Public Schools.  She has also taught after school programs, summer school, coached 5th grade math masters, and helped out at track meets. 

Marit graduated from Winona State University where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree, and later went to Hamline University where she obtained her Master’s Degree in Education.  Through these degrees, she was able to teach any grade level Pre-K through 6th Grade.  As it turns out, she has taught just about every subject within that license area!

As part of the nomination process for Teacher of the Year, colleagues write a brief explanation of who they are nominating, her colleagues wrote, “Marit Lang is the epitome of what it means to be an educator. She is willing to take on any role to help our students. She is firm, but flexible and is a team player. Even after many years in education, she is still finding new ways to help students, such as incorporating the Modern Classroom Project. She is constantly doing those things that need to be done, but get lost in the busyness of the day or are done once and forgotten, such as analyzing data, reworking assessments to fit targets, and differentiating for all learners. Any teacher in any stage of their career would learn a great deal about how to be a great educator by observing and collaborating with Marit. Marit is a tremendous teacher who works tirelessly for her students and for her own professional growth as an educator. This was most recently demonstrated in her taking on both a new position in the middle school and completing the Modern Classroom Project. Marit has served our school in so many capacities throughout the years. She has taught grades  K, 1, 3, 5 and currently 6th grade in the Middle School. She has served as treasurer of the union for quite a few years, and was also secretary of the negotiations team for many years as well as the Elementary building rep.  She was the math masters coach for 10 years, and worked on the Veterans day committee for as long as she worked in the elementary. In addition, she was on the I Love to Read committee, she was also on the leadership team that worked to come up with a continuous improvement plan to meet AYP, and was the chair for the math curriculum adoption committee, just to name a few things!  In each role that she takes on, she is the epitome of dedication, professionalism, and ultimately, care for her students and their growth both educationally and personally.”

Marit started her teaching career in Fort Lauderdale, Florida teaching kindergarten for Broward County Public Schools. After living and working in that area for three years, her and her husband moved back to Minnesota.  At that time, Minnesota had a surplus of teachers, and it was difficult to get a teaching position.  So Marit became a substitute teacher for 7 different school districts.  This experience gave her the unique perspective of seeing a wide variety of teaching and leadership styles within education. 

When asked, “Why did you choose to become a teacher,” Marit's response was, “I became a teacher because it is the only thing I ever really considered doing as a career, aside from wanting to be one of Charlie’s Angels when I was in middle school.  I can’t tell anyone the exact reasons why education was such a calling, but I was fortunate enough to have exceptional teachers growing up in Zumbrota.  I had so much respect for them, and I just enjoyed learning and being in school. I also have an aunt that taught for Faribault Public Schools, and she has always been such a positive role model for me.”

Marit is very honored to be named Triton’s Teacher of the Year.  She said, “It means a great deal to me since I feel that Triton has so many incredible educators, and to have their respect humbles me.”   

In addition to being Triton Teacher of the Year, Marit will become a candidate for Minnesota Teacher of the Year. The Minnesota Teacher of the Year program has recognized excellence in teaching in Minnesota for 60 years. The program selects one teacher to represent the state’s thousands of excellent educators. 

Congratulations Marit Lang and thank you for serving the Triton community. #wearetriton